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ONE is the loneliest number….

There were a few posts on the Internet about 1/11/11 and what a non-event it was. (Sometimes people make a big deal out of dates like 08/09/10 and the like, but they are nothing special in the same way.) 

 One is a special number: it symbolizes the power of an individual, the first one in line, and the first steps of a journey to begin anew. Its time to celebrate 1 with a new beginning!

Well, last week was my initial weigh-in. Team Biggy Smalls weigh-ins focus on positive change, and realize the number is only part of the process (you may even increase weight as you gain muscle, but that is another post), so weigh-ins should be submitted as follows:


This is almost 10 lbs heavier than my heaviest recorded weight, and almost 30 lbs more than I weighed the last time the Team Biggy Smalls project was in effect. I have a challenge with a friend to lose 30 lbs by our birthdays, and have a weekly weigh in with co-workers, so it’s time to get healthy!

The Row Machine: I was looking for a way to vary my cardio workout from elliptical and stair machines, and always walk by this machine. I do rows when weight-building, but decided to try this machine on a whim.
For those who are new, this is a row machine:

How to do a Row:
Put in the simplest terms, you will lean back from your hips while pushing backward with your legs and torso. You will bend your arms as you pull on the handle of the rowing machine, completing the motion when your elbows pass just behind your chest and the handle is roughly an inch away from your stomach. Then you will return to the starting position and do it all over again. Your spine will remain straight throughout this process.
Visual Learner like me?  Here’s a video:

More detailed instructions are here:
My take? I felt a little dumb doing it at first, but could soon feel the “burn” (not pain! If you feel that, stop and ask for help!) in my arms, back, abs, and legs. Once I had the rhythm, I was on a roll and sweating. In fact, a rowing workout can burn up to 200 calories in 20 minutes , and is fairly low impact. If you have back problems, consult a physician before starting.

Happy Fitness!

Ms. Biggy Smalls



One thought on “ONE is the loneliest number….

  1. Have to try this exercise

    Posted by danielle simmons | January 31, 2011, 5:17 am

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