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Health, Wellness and…Mickey D’s?

Line Dancers, Staying Fit at Every Age!

This past weekend was a pretty active one.  No rest for the wicked!  In search of new fitness tips for my much beloved B. Smalls, I checked out the NBC 4 Health and Fitness Expo for new gear, exercises and whatever else I could find.  Here’s what I found out.


There were free diagnostic tests for glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol for attendees.  Lots of activities for the kids, including a dancing video game and a rock wall, which I was just watching, I’m afraid of heights and don’t want to be punked out in front of a bunch of 8-year olds (on either station, really) :-).   There were also cooking demonstrations (I will have a new recipe for you guys soon!), free fitness classes and dancing!

I tried:

I tried an exercise class called Yala Fitness, which is dance-based and very similar to Zumba, from my view.  30 minutes was enough to get a good sweat going.

Getting a sweat going!

I also tried a row machine configured to simulate a “paddle” (as in canoeing) motion, sponsored by the DC Dragons Paddle Boat Racing League).  They had a computerized race, and I came in first place!  My “opponents” were 5 and 8 years old, though.  Next year, guys! 🙂


After working up a sweat, I decided to see what healthy fare the conference had to offer.  I went to the concessions and what did my eyes see… FUNNEL CAKES (!!!), and FRIES (!).  Not after all that work I just put in!!!!

Also, Mickey D’s had a booth with a long line around it!  No, folks, no healthy food to be found.  I’m happy to report that yours truly stayed disciplined and moved slowly away from the funnel cake fryer (it was hard, I loooove funnel cakes). That was a touch of a disappointment after such a great day of exercise and education.

I also worked out also on Monday (had the day off) and am starting to get in the swing of things.  I’m trying to do something active everyday on weekends to make re-entry into fitness easier.  I also did an outdoor window-shop through town with a friend.

All the work paid off, because I’m pleased to report that…


I would like to do some future posts on developing fitness and nutrition plans, so send me questions if you have them!

Happy Fitness,

Ms. Biggy Smalls



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