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Hello, Old Friends….

Today is the LAST DAY I will weigh in at:

191.4 pounds

Woo hoo!

Hello All,

I have pushed past a psychological boundary and have started to move back into a fitness routine.  For the past few weeks, i have been working out at a once-a-week, “I-feel-guilty-because-today-is-the last-day-of-the-week,-and-I-have-been-walking past-the-gym-so-I-HAVE-to-do-something” kind of mode, and have found it hard to get into the workout and enjoy what I was doing.  It shows a bit in my weigh in, but I am focused on building the healthy habits (eating better and increasing activity) and know the pounds will show it soon.  Already my skin is looking better, and my stomach actually is shrinking a bit.  Maybe the gain is muscle!

Today, I had my gym bag packed, and was ready to go!  I had a bottle of water, a towel, and was determined to leave it on the floor today.

TODAY’s Workout:

Strider, Random Hill setting, 12min, for 120calories (estimated based on heart rate)

Jacob’s Ladder, 35-60 ft/min, 7min for 100 calories (estimated)

Elliptical, Fat Burn setting, 9 minutes, 84 calories (per machine)

Zumba, “Elizabeth I’m coming home” 😀 setting for 1 hour, 1,000 calories (estimated)

Total: 1,300 calories

This workout visited two “old friends” of my previous workout days:  The Jacob’s Ladder, and Zumba.  For those who followed the newsletter I had done an ode to being afraid of the Jacob’s ladder, which I will have to re-post because it is pretty funny.

The Jacob’s Ladder is a total body workout in the form of a  self-paced, motorized incline ladder.  Here’s a link : . At first glance, it is pretty intimidating (to me at least).

The time I finally “conquered” it, I would able to get up to 20 minutes on the thing regularly. The first time I used it, I lasted about 10 minutes.

Today… I “lasted” about 7 minutes, huffing and puffing after about 3 (Just being honest!), and saying “hummina, hummina” after about 5!.  I’m going to have to work on that one.

Also, I re-visited the Zumba class at my gym, since I enjoyed the classes I had taken last year.  I love the mix of Latin beats (salsa, bachata,  cumbia and merengue) and hip hop.  So I thought I’d check it out, sweat a little, and do a little workout after just for good measure.

For those who haven’t learned about Zumba, or seen the many iterations of it going around, you can find info here:  If you can find a local class, I highly recommend it.

Uh… Zumba has changed a bit since my last go-round.  They say in an average class you can burn about 1,000 calories an hour, my instructor was going for 1,500 easy!

I was trying to be kinda cute and didn’t bring a “doo-rag” for my hair. Big mistake.  In three words: My. ‘Do. DONE.  I left there rocking a ‘fro. 🙂

But it was worth it!  It was a full class, almost 50 people, and everyone was there to have a good time.  I have to work on some new moves, and have class and a new song we are trying to learn on Sunday.  I’m glad we have gotten re-acquainted.

Happy Fitness,

Ms. Biggy Smalls



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