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Battle of the Bulge- Plateaus and some encouragement

You may have noticed I’ve been doing more posts on recipes than on working out.  And also haven’t been weighing in as often…

Well, unfortunately I’ve been battling the same pound or two for a while now.  I…have..plateaued.  What?!  I know,  I know.  It is easier for me to focus on eating healthy than on exercise.  There’s more control there.  If you eat poorly and gain weight you know you are at fault.  But if you exercise and the weight doesn’t move as fast as you would like, then you have to realize you are at the mercy of other factors that cause weight to move.

On the brighter side, I am back at the gym, and hoping that the new nutrition, paired with some new motivation, will keep things moving in the right direction.  I’m already noticing better posture again and more room in the jeans, even if the scale isn’t moving…


PS Another victory:  I actually went to the gym in the morning this week.  Anyone who has ever tried to wake me up knows this is a miracle of epic proportions. Not. A. Morning. Person.

Am going to try to make lightening strike twice tomorrow.

Today is the LAST DAY I’ll weigh in at 189.4 lbs.

Happy Fitness (and Nutrition),


Ms. Biggy Smalls



2 thoughts on “Battle of the Bulge- Plateaus and some encouragement

  1. I am so shocked. You got up early in the morning?!? But seriously best of luck keeping it up and turnig that exercise trend into a habit.

    Posted by Roderick Arnold | October 8, 2011, 5:56 am


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