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Lord, Lead me not into Oatmeal Cream Pies…

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**Confessional Aside Here: My folks will laugh when they see this, but I have a slight addiction to very unreasonable fondness  for Oatmeal Cream Pies.  I don’t know what is in those things, but c’est, si bon (it is so good, as they used to say in the old Yoplait commercials).  In fact, I used to get in trouble because anytime my mom would buy a box, I would sneak the box in my room and wolf them down like they were my last meal. Yes, the whole box, all 4 million calories of it (I’m hoping that figure is an exaggeration). Then I would get a “whoopin” after I got caught.

Every. Time.  Oatmeal Cream Pie= Wolf-like behavior= Get whooped.  I didn’t care (I did when the belt came calling, still didn’t stop me).  I was a child possessed by the siren call of sugary creamy goodness.  So, the pies were few and far between at home (which I’m sure made things worse), and I normally don’t buy them as an adult.

So, being the sensible adult that I now am, and also being many miles away from any belts that could be used against me, I bought some a couple of weeks ago.  There was no issue of scarcity, I could go buy more if  I wanted, so I should be able to contain myself, right?  The last time I scarfed ( I will bring this word back) a box of OCP (as they should be called) was at least ten years ago, so…

So I took them to my room, and while studying, ate the entire box.  At least it was over 48 hours, and not in one sitting. I won’t be buying anymore OCP, apparently too much temptation for me. Really, Little Debbie © should be ashamed of themselves for making something like that.

I probably need to be beaten for that.  I’ll be watching Mom’s luggage when she comes.


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