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Get on your 3P’s, Please… Premeditation. Preparation. Perspiration

Whew!  I’m finally through finals week at school.   It’s time for some self-directed tough love, as finals time/undue stress tends to bring on the return of the Cookie Monster.  I’ve done worse, but it was getting to a low point (I’m talking “Hi.  My name is Jackie… and I’m an emotional eater, a real dessert-seeking missile”).

I’ve been doing some extended thinking about how to frame the rest (and restoration) of my fitness journey.  After some (final paper and work/life stress free) thought, I came up with a new motto for what needs to be done: I need to mind my P’s (and Q’s, but not enough words begin with Q).  I’m telling you all, my dear BiggySmallers, so you can keep me accountable.

thinker, planner

Making my plan (not what I actually look like).

The new anthem is: Premeditation. Preparation. Perspiration.  

Premeditation:  I’m a planner and a process person.  If I don’t have things planned out the way I like them planned, myself in advance (especially if it’s something i’m tempted not to do)  it won’t get done. For example, for my recent research paper, exactly 30% of my time was used formatting the way I wanted to research (in a sortable Excel document. “Nerd alert!”, I know)! 60% was spent doing the pre-research and research, and 10% writing and formatting.  I’m finally embracing that this is my crazy work method.

I know if I plan workouts and meals in advance, I’m not tempted to go against it.  The great thing about planning ahead is that you can free up the “brain space” (yes, this is my scientific name for it) and energy normally used to make a decision on how to proceed, go on autopilot and get things accomplished.


  • Set up fitness plan (will be detailed in next post)
  • Make several copies an approved grocery/nutrition list (I’m not calling it a diet).
  • Set up a minimum workout schedule on my calendar ( I will have to adjust when I get my next class schedule)
diary, planner

Preparation:  Here is where the process comes in.  I can buy the groceries, but if they aren’t kept properly (especially fruit, what is the deal with fruit only lasting two days in the fridge!) they go bad and I’m heading for the Jamacian take-out. Preparation also saves cash on   I can plan to work out but  realize I’m best able to follow through when I pick my gym clothes ahead of time (usually with outfit for the day, so I’m not scrambling at 8:00 when I needed to have left 15 minutes ago) and have my gym kit all in one place.

Objectives: It’s Girl Scout time (not the cookies, though).

  • Stock gym kit
  • Pack some sartorially appropriate gym clothes on workout days
  • Have a workout plan/pattern
elliptical, exercise machine, treadmill, exercise

Elliptical. To know me is to love me.

At this point, this should be the easy part.  I do need to prep an exercise plan, so I don’t wander to my same favorite machines time after time.  I’m trying to avoid plateauing this time, so will have to learn to switch it up. (Which goes against my “creature of habit” nature.)  I’m becoming an Educated Exerciser with the help of


  • Develop a workout plan using web resources (some are below):
  • Link up with my great BiggySmaller Community

And,  so there is no slinking away into “taking a break” nothingness, I’m also adding my MyFitnessPal link to the site!  Join my community, so we can keep track of each other!

Happy Premeditation, Preparation and Perspiration!

Ms. Biggysmalls

Check these resources out:– Every exercise you didn’t know you wanted.
Here is a great link for stretches:



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