About the Biggy-Small Life Project

Almost Two years ago, I started the Biggy Small Life as a project as a e-newsletter and competition to motivate myself and my family, and close friends back into shape. We had a “team” challenge where each member would check in with their weight loss each week (yeah, kind of like that one show…).  Part of my initial drive might have been to get into a pair of skinny jeans, but I had a larger problem to tackle first:   Like many African-Americans, I have a family history of diabetes in my extended family, however, around the time of the competition, an immediate family member was diagnosed with the disease.  Our quest for fitness has become more than a “vanity quest” but a chance to start a new lifestyle, and, in essence, save our lives.

Like all New Year’s resolutions, the beginning of the project was great.  I had lost almost 20 pounds in just a couple of months, my family was motivated to compete (so much so, they were participating in a push-up challenge). The newsletter motivated me to work out, and the competition was gaining steam. However, like most good intentions, life got in the way… I started taking night classes, people stopped checking in, etc. and everyone, including me, stopped working out and lost a lot of ground.

So with the New Year, we are starting again, but I’m taking it global!!!  As before, the newsletter will feature:

  • recipes,
  • links to workout tips I find,
  • a challenge and
  • expert guests
  • a “Team Biggy Smalls” leader board, where people can post their weight loss for the week to keep themselves accountable.

With the blog, I also want to explore motivation tips and issues, as that is something I have personally struggled with, and I believe how you see your capabilities and motivate yourself plays into your achievements (in this case, achievement being ability to stick with your weight loss/exercise plan). I also hope to have readers submit questions for me to research.  The Biggy Small Life community is a supportive one, geared toward people who are new-to or just getting back to fitness after a long hiatus.

The Biggy Smalls was our team name, created by a very close friend (The Indomitable Ms. D!) who participated in the original challenge. Thought behind it was “ we are biggy and working toward getting small”.  I loved it so much I adopted the name Ms. Biggy Smalls (not to be confused with the rapper, of course).

My Rules for the (Weight Loss) Road:

  • Time is an object.  I work and go to school, so don’t have 50 hours to go to the gym.
  • Money is an object.  A big one (or little, depending on how you look at it…).
  • If it’s not practical, I’m not going to do it, so it is off the table.
  • I love to cook, so starvation diets are off the table.  Learning to eat healthier is the only way to go.
  • If I don’t like it, I’m going to say I don’t like it.  If I ever get any requests for sponsorship (anybody? No? Just kidding unless you’re interested!) I still won’t endorse an item I don’t like. Any endorsed item would be described as such.  Feel free to have a different point of view, though. Which leads me to the last…
  • The Biggy Smalls support each other, and give encouraging feedback.  I’m not an expert, if you are, God bless you, this column isn’t for you, it’s for your friend who is getting started or struggling. Just writing in hopes that my observations will help someone else out there.

Join us! And “Weigh In”!

Ms. Biggy Smalls



2 thoughts on “About the Biggy-Small Life Project

  1. The first edition looks fabulous. I can’t wait to get started! My first goal is 10 lbs down, then I will work on another 10. Thanks for getting me motivated!

    Posted by Aziza | January 14, 2011, 2:24 am
  2. Great start! Quality work.

    Someone needs to hire you for their newspaper or magazine.

    I’m motivated and looking forward to jumping on the row machine. You are right it does seem awkward, especially for those of us who have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. However, I will risk embarrassment for the cal burn.

    I’m looking to lose 30 lbs. in 90 days.

    Sweat and tears folks.

    Pray for me.

    Posted by Mr. Big Rod | January 16, 2011, 3:17 pm

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