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Work For iT

Originally posted on Cashmere Summit:
No if, ands or buts, GET STRONG!!!

Get on your 3P’s, Please… Premeditation. Preparation. Perspiration

Whew!  I’m finally through finals week at school.   It’s time for some self-directed tough love, as finals time/undue stress tends to bring on the return of the Cookie Monster.  I’ve done worse, but it was getting to a low point (I’m talking “Hi.  My name is Jackie… and I’m an emotional eater, a real dessert-seeking … Continue reading

Laughter- Ha! Exercise is Pretty Good Medicine, too….

  Though I typically focus on using exercise to keep you healthy, many studies have shown that exercise can improve your quality of life and chances for fighting a disease if you have already been diagnosed.  My guest blogger, David Haas, Patient Advocate and Writer at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, created a post describing the … Continue reading

We Need a Resolution, or Perhaps A Better Solution

Courtesy of Stock Exchange- So… in month three of 2012, how are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  A little like my recent “hiatus” from the blogosphere?   I get ya, I can sympathize…. I know folks who won’t even make resolutions anymore because they have lost all faith in them or in their own … Continue reading

Lord, Lead me not into Oatmeal Cream Pies…

**Confessional Aside Here: My folks will laugh when they see this, but I have a slight addiction to very unreasonable fondness  for Oatmeal Cream Pies.  I don’t know what is in those things, but c’est, si bon (it is so good, as they used to say in the old Yoplait commercials).  In fact, I used … Continue reading

Battle of the Bulge- Plateaus and some encouragement

You may have noticed I’ve been doing more posts on recipes than on working out.  And also haven’t been weighing in as often… Well, unfortunately I’ve been battling the same pound or two for a while now.  I…have..plateaued.  What?!  I know,  I know.  It is easier for me to focus on eating healthy than on … Continue reading

BIGGYsmallin’ on a Budget: Groceries on the Oz “Dollar Diet” (w/Recipe)

Hello All, We all know our pocketbooks are being hit at all sides right now.  Where does that leave eating healthy? Am I the only one that feels like good, filling, nutritious food is becoming a luxury item?  It’s bad enough there is junk food galore in the grocery store, but it is easy to … Continue reading